Costume Accessories

Below is a list of accessories needed by part for your child's costume.  Attached is a reference spreadsheet with the most common accessories we are asking you to purchase with shopping links.  You do not need to purchase from the attached links, they are a reference for you to know what we are looking for and items we have sourced for low prices.  If you do not see your child's part listed below we most likely have accessories for them that will work.

Flatware: White sneakers, white socks at least ankle length
Napkins, plates, teacups: white ballet shoes, nude tights
salt & pepper, talk to Kristin Butler
Footstool, trees: black flats, black tights
Farm animals: black sneakers or flats, black socks (ankle length)
Gaston's gustos: brown loafer or high top leather shoe
Villagers (unless your part is listed below): black loafers, or black leather boots,  or black flats, females, nude tights
Tavern Servers: flats, nude tights
Silly Girls: black character shoes (low heel), nude tights
Margarite: tall lace up boots, nude tights (see costume team for help with boots, we have some)
Baker: black sneakers or loafers
Babette: black tights
Belle, dresser, Mrs. Potts: nude tights
M. D'arque: black knee high socks, black leather loafers

Please bring all purchased accessories to dress rehearsal, March 16, labeled with your child's name. 
Links to suggested accessories

​Hair Accessories

Here is the list of items for the hair that all cast members need to bring in preparation for the show. Please note that ALL cast members need to bring their own Comb and brush as well as one of the additional item listed below. We would like to have all items no later than March 16th (dress rehearsal)! There will be a bin at rehearsal that you can place your items in. Or you may place them in the AVCT box in the front office. 
For Comb and brush, please label each item individually with your child’s 1st & last name and then put them in a sturdy Ziplock bag with your child’s name on the outside of the bag.  The best way to label items is to write on masking or painters tape and then place the tape directly on the item that you’re labeling.  Sharpie or pen written directly on items tends to rub off.   

Babette, BeastBelle, Chip, Chippette, Cogsworth: Hairband
Enchanted Objects, Silly Girls: Hair Ties
Enchanted Rose, Enchanted Tree, Enchantress, Farm Animal, Flatware, Napkin, All Narrators, Pepper, Plate,  Salt: hairpins


  Please note on the top what everyone needs to bring and then find your part listed below. 

If it's blank next to your cast name, no need to bring a lipstick.  Sometimes it says, "A true red that looks good."  It will be helpful to take your daughter out and try on different colors until you find a good match; reds can be hard; plus it's fun!  Each cast member needs to bring all their items in a sturdy ziplock bag with their name on it AND label each item in the bag.  It works best to label with tape.  You can drop the makeup in the BATB box in the front office.

Click here to see what your child needs to bring.